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util-vserver usage

vserver <guest_name> <command> <parameters>

where command can be one of:


To create a guest, you need to build it. Build takes several arguments. You can get an overview of the vserver build command by looking at the man page

vserver help build --help

The syntax for a minmal vserver build command is...

vserver <guest_name> build -m <method> --context <context_id> --hostname=<> --interface <guest_if>=<real_if>:<guest_ip>/<guest_mask> -- -d <dist_code>

The options for the build command are

  • -m <method>
  • --context <context_id>
  • --hostname=<>
  • --interface <guest_if>=<real_if>:<guest_ip>/<guest_mask>

Further options may be given after the -- switch

  • -d <dist_code>


To start a guest simply give it the start command

vserver testguest stop


To shell into the guest, use the enter command

vserver testguest enter


To stop a guest simply give it the stop command

vserver testguest stop


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