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Guests can be started using one of the following init styles:

  • plain
    • Launches a unique init process for the guest.
    • Guest's init process executes the rc scripts.
    • Therefore, you cannot watch the startup process.
    • However, shutdown or restart command will work
  • sysv (default)
    • Executes the runlevel scripts directly.
    • You can you can watch the startup process.
    • Slightly lighter weight since no additional init process is needed.
    • A fake init process is shown in the guest.
    • You must use "reboot -f" or "halt -f" to restart or shut down from withint the guest.
  • gentoo
    • Like sysv but works on Gentoo-based guests.
    • Was deprecated but has been reinstated around util-vserver 0.30.212.
  • minit


The init style should go in a file containing a single word: sysv, plain, etc.


If the file doesn't exist or the word isn't recognized, sysv will be used.

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