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repo.psand.net repository

This page details the util-vserver related contents of the repository at http://repo.psand.net/


The repository has is regularly updated with new kernels and the new Debian packages for the vs2.3.x (the Linux-Vserver development branch). At time of writing (01/04/2010) the repository contains the following package for Debian Lenny (i386 and amd64 architectures):

  • a number of 2.6.31 series kernels, the latest is linux-image-
  • two 2.6.33 series kernels, the latest being linux-image- (AMD64 only)
  • a metapackage which will automatically update you to the latest 2.6.31 release, the package is named linux-image-vserver-2.6.31-beng

Util-Vserver packages

 those 2 package that were described here  are obsolete, now the util-vserver comes with a full debian part so you can create the packages from the source. You can still use repo.psand for premade packages they use those from now on.

Help using the repos

Documentation is at http://repo.psand.net/info/

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