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hi everyone,

 The repository of bristollnews is updated with new kernels and the new debian packages for the utils-vservers v2.3 (dev vserver branch):

as of 20/12/2009 we are at:

  so last kernel is
  util-vservers are ok for lenny (can be installed on squeeze too) with version  util-vserver-0.30.216-pre2864.
  they exist in i386 and amd64. 

check the repo for newer versions.

If anyone on the list has some debian packages knowledge to help me separate one source into several binary packages please contact me gadnet =at= to help i would like to make de devl and legacy package separated from the main one.

there is 2 sets of utils packages:

the util-vserver-basic-debian use:

       ./configure $(CROSS)    --prefix=/usr \
                               --sysconfdir=/etc \
                               --localstatedir=/var \
                               --mandir=/usr/share/man \
                               --infodir=/usr/share/info \
                               --with-initrddir=/etc/vservers/init.d \
                               --with-vrootdir=/var/lib/vservers \

the util-vserver-basic use:

       ./configure $(CROSS)    --prefix=/usr/local \
                               --with-initrddir=/usr/local/etc/vservers/init.d \
                               --enable-dietlibc \

so choose the '-basic' if you upgrade from source, choose the '-debian' if you upgrade from debian packages. As allways those packages comes with no warrant other than that we made them for us and provide tehm to the community in hope they help so they work for us on production server so they should be quite safe. Report issue with them on the vserver list if you find any so we can correct them.

I use them on several servers without issues on lenny.

hope that help the community, thanks to Ben Green for providing the mirror, helping out and making the kernel packages for us all.

regards, Ghislain. AQUEOS.

--Ghislain Adnet 06:59, 20 December 2009 (UTC)

help to use them from: http://kernels.bristolwireless.net/ How to use the Debian Repository

First add this line to your /etc/apt/sources.list file: deb http://repo.psand.net/ lenny main

Then run this as root to add the gpg key to apt: wget -O - http://repo.psand.net/pubkey.txt | sudo apt-key add -

Proceed as normal, updateing your sources thus: apt-get update

To have a look for the kernel packages compiled by me one might use: apt-cache search linux | grep beng

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