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Linux-VServer provides virtualization for GNU/Linux systems. This is accomplished by kernel level isolation. It allows to run multiple virtual units at once. Those units are sufficiently isolated to guarantee the required security, but utilize available resources efficiently, as they run on the same kernel.

This site contains information relating to the use and development of virtual servers based on Linux-VServer. This particular virtual server model is implemented through a combination of "security contexts", segmented routing, chroot, extended quotas and some other standard tools.

Note: If this isn't what you are looking for, maybe Linux Virtual Server is.

Experimental Patches

Linux-VServer branch

Linux kernel



2.3 + grsecurity


4.9.113 vs2.3.9.7
4.4.142 vs2.
4.1.49 vs2.3.8.6
3.18.91 vs2.3.7.5
3.14.52 vs2.3.6.15
3.10.104 vs2.3.6.9
3.4.112 vs2.
3.2.99 vs2.3.2.17
3.2.22 vs2.3.2.10-grsec2.9.1-20120711 vs2.3.0.37-rc17 vs2.3.0.37-rc5 vs2. vs2. vs2. vs2. vs2. vs2. vs2. vs2. vs2. vs2. vs2.

(note: The experimental patch table is automatically updated every hour from http://vserver.13thfloor.at/Experimental/
and there is a mirror of recent patches at http://repo.coresec.de/linux-vserver which updates once a day at midnight)


stable 0.30.215
testing 0.30.216-pre3119

Old/Stable Patches

Linux-VServer branch

Linux kernel




Old Stable




Ancient Stable

2.2 + grsecurity

Stable + grsecurity vs2.2.0.7 vs2.3.0.34 vs2.2.0.7-grsec2.1.11 vs2.2.0.4 vs2.2.0.3-grsec2.1.10 vs2.2.0.4 vs2.3.0.12 vs2.2.0.3 vs2.3.0.12 vs2.2.0-grsec2.1.10 vs2.0.3-rc3 vs2.0.2.1 vs2.0.2.1-grsec2.1.9
2.4.36 vs1.2.12
2.4.30 vs1.2.10
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