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Here is a list of Individuals and Organizations utilizing Linux-VServer technology...

Name Description
Guenther Fuchs

Since 2002 I used vserver in experimental systems and since 2004 in production environment for own hostings including Linux router. Herbert & the other guys did great work in improving the System tho the actual level.

Two years ago I had the chance to compare the system to SW-Soft's Virtuozzo (very expensive license model that time), that time the development did not totally fit my needs for commercial webhosting (and my time to read through the doc's was not enough). But meanwhile one could fully rely on it - and comparing the SW-Soft support to Herbert's replies on the mailing list, there is no other choice to take ;-)

If I'd need a commercial vserver system again, I'd choose this one now - thank's for the improvement and stability and - not to forget - the GNU licensing!


ISPGaya (Instituto Superior Politécnico Gaya) is a "non profit" private university in Portugal.

We have been using the Linux-VServer technology for about 2 years now.

Our university has about 900+ users which gives us the ability to test the technology on a production environment. All our linux servers depend on it and we currently run about 20 virtual servers on them.

The system seems pretty stable and the developers (especially Herbert Poetzl) keep us up to date with ("almost daily") new bugfixes/features.

We haven't seen any performance problems by using this technology and encourage everybody to try it out.

Digital Evolution

We use Linux-VServer for all wargames (more than a dozen right now) and all other services as well. The stability, ease of use and performance is unrivaled, migrating our servers to vserver is most definately one of the best decisions we've ever made. It happily serves all people (who, after all, try to break our security) logged in on our shellbased wargames and shells out hunderedes of thousands connections to other services each day.


I use a Lycos VDS based on the vserver for a personnal server (irc, mail, www). It works fine and very cheap.


Association Networx

happily running a Linux-VServer box for its mail and hosting services. Thx for the great work Bertl !


Research center capec.kt.dtu.dk is happily using Linux-VServer for web/CVS/automatic software build system. Rock solid, very easy to manage in the every day life. Thanks, Loïch

Institute of Legal Medicine

The Institute of Legal Medicine, Medical University of Innsbruck/Austria, is using the excellent Linux-VServer technology to be able to fit all computing requirements for different scientific projects.

Works very well, and improved the service for our scientists!

University of Padova

A Department of the university of Padova, Italy, runs happily on Linux-VServers.

Really changed the life of administrators and improved service. Thanks! Grat Job! -mmzz

Knowledge Media

Research Center

The Knowledge Media Research Center in Tübingen, Germany now uses Gentoo Linux based VServers

   * to run educational software on a scientific, i.e. psychological background,
   * to develop a platform independent, highly intuitive collaborative working 
     tool named bebop that will soon be available under GPL,
   * to test drive changes of the in house network structure,
   * and to demonstrate the possibilities of modern Linux systems.

On behalf of all colleagues we want to thank the developers of Linux-VServer!


Uses Linux-VServer on all machines. Thank you guys, many things wouldn't be possible without Linux-VServer the way we do it, great job :)


Linux-VServer patch installed, even on machines without vservers -- I like it that much ,)

SVPData Ltd.

We run Linux-VServer on a Debian Machine (production system) and a SuSe Machine (Testing System). We use Linux-VServer mainly for partitioning the www-server and the ftp-server. We also run a few MUSH Systems.

We are really happy with Linux-VServer and would not use any other virtualization Software.

Thorsten Gunkel

I switched my small private Debian Linux-server to VServer. Now I have lots of small Linux-VServer installations with only a minimum number of packages installed.

IMHO it's easier to maintain, I have no noticeable performance loss, extra security if one of the systems is breached and since I started to use it (end of 2004) no problems with Linux-VServer ever (now it's 2006)! If you're interested in my Linux-VServer I try to document its current state on my website: Linux Server with VServer.

P.S.: Support in the IRC channel and the mailinglist has been always very helpful, thanks!


Uses Linux-VServer for partnership and is very happy with it. We provide some Linux-VServer to partner and offer secure access for tuxfamily.

Thanks to the Linux-VServer project!


I've installed Linux-VServer at my university for internal use, for university courses of operating systems and for other didactical purposes.

It works greatly, and I'm really happy of that :)

But above all, IRC support on #vserver is always kind and effective! Thanks to everyone in the community.

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