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Just need somewhere to frame these questions:

My host has only hardware programs running, such as mdadm and the vservers stuff...except ssh.

NFS Server in a vserver

I ended up running the script

vnamespace -e 1011 chroot /var/lib/vservers/entropy /bin/bash /etc/init.d/nfs-kernel-server start

with portmap, statd, running in the vserver. Problem is that the shell script /etc/init.d/nfs-kernel-server writes to files in /proc/fs/nfsd/ Also /proc/net/rpc/ - yep needs otherwise you'll get no status, and other misinformation. Changed /etc/vservers/.defaults/apps/vprocunhide User:Jecurrey#vprocunhide

Almost forgot. the kernel modules must be loaded by the host...really only nfsd.. it will bring the rest with modprobe.

  • nfsd
  • lockd
  • nfs_acl
  • auth_rpcgss
  • sunrpc
  • exportfs

While it works,,, something isn't quite right, as I am getting the nfs server not responding on the clients, but they do boot with the nfs drive. (and some of it may just be nfs stuff, I changed all my mounts around, and added a pile of --binds, so the clients wouldn't need to.

X server

Why, I isolate things as much as possible... especially user stuff. Update are easier. Security wasn't the first reason...because I've pretty much given access to much of the hardware. required /proc/bus/ - orignally pci, but with mice and other stuff, just let it have the whole. and I added a pile of CAPS.. which I need to reduce (but I got tired of it not working so I put the whole lot in :-P ) CAP_FOWNER CAP_FSETID CAP_SETPCAP - I've been running tcpdump from this vserver... CAP_NET_BIND_SERVICE - X binds high, I don't if this is only for privilledged or all, also the NFS server has a random series of ports plus 111 for portmapper, a 2049 mountd CAP_NET_BROADCAST - samba... but it seems to work fine without this, not so without, then it can't talk to itself. CAP_NET_RAW - (dhcp, bind, which are in another vserver) CAP_IPC_LOCK CAP_IPC_OWNER CAP_SYS_RAWIO - I think X... CAP_SYS_CHROOT - some irrelevant service did this.. which I haven't removed. (a recend bind9 installation I did, did a change root, but not my local installation, its already vserver'd) CAP_SYS_PTRACE - gone... CAP_SYS_NICE - X-server (is it dysfunctional if not given) CAP_SYS_RESOURCE - (dhcp, bind, which are in another vserver) CAP_SYS_TIME - ntp, I have this commonly in the host, but considering past exploits, a vserver sounds better. CAP_SYS_TTY_CONFIG - if this is pty...then X, if it console... then X ha. Almost want a windows firewall user inquiry thingie for these... it hit the wall, and asks the user... can "program X" diddle your network? How would you go about putting a wrapper on the violations?

I am surprized that X didn't need mknod... maybe because it had already been running... so its might be a one shot.

ntp, X-server, nfs-kernel-server are in this vserver for now,,, the X-server will be split out to isolate the mass quantities of user applications.


diff files /usr/lib/util-vserver/defaults/vprocunhide-files 2c2 < /proc/net/rpc/ --- > -/proc/net/rpc/ 12d11 < /proc/bus/ 18,19d16 < /proc/fs/ < /proc/fs/nfsd/ I thought I only needed nfsd... need to delete that /proc/fs

Question: is there a way to have per XID a /proc hiding spec, much like bcapablities? I really only want these in their respective sandboxes.

There is new built in localhost handling. I was adding an extra lo interface with localhost defined for the troublesome programs like samba. What is suggested now.

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