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  1. setattr --barrier /vservers
  2. showattr /vservers
  • NOTE: when setting xattrs on reiserfs, please not that the filesystem has to be mounted explicitly with 'attrs' option, i.e.: mount /dev/reiserfsdev /vservers -oattrs to get the barrier survive after umount/reboot.

Seems insufficient. You need to set --barrier for every existing and NEW directory except those below /vservers/. as the suggested command protects only against chdir ..

Why? The fchdir.

Am I right?

once you gain root inside the scure chroot:

may you gain access to the device node?

i/o ports not restricted?

  1. Accoring to "On Linux 2.6 this isn't really necessary, since another mechanism is used to lock in the guests anyway" - maybe someone could elaborate on this and put it in the article, please

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