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This guide is written against Debian Etch (4.0). This release includes kernel linux-image-vserver-686, so no manual patching is needed. The consequence is pretty easy and satrightforward.

Packages installation

All the packages you need can be obtained via

apt-get install linux-image-vserver-686 util-vserver vserver-debiantools ssh

so run this as root and reboot. To check out wherever everything went fine you may run

uname -r

and check that kernel version is something like 2.6.17-2-vserver-686. That's it. Now let's create a virtual machine.

Virtual machine creation

newvserver --vsroot /var/lib/vservers/ --hostname sample --domain --ip --dist etch --mirror --interface eth1

Check vserver --help for more info on this.

Virtual machine operation

To start VM just created, run

vserver sample start

To get into it, type

vserver sample enter

Again, study man for more information.

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