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Userspace Utilities

In order to administrate your virtual private servers you need a set of userspace utilities. The following gives an overview of possible choices. For detailed instructions visit the respective project pages.


Created by Enrico Scholz util-vserver is the current "official" userspace implementation. Many distributions have added binary packages for util-vserver to their repositories.

The current version of util-vserver is: 0.30.215

VServer Control Daemon

Being still in development the VServer Control Daemon is another approach for virtual private server management. The concept is based on a client/server architecture using XMLRPC. Currently there are no releases, i.e. source code has to be obtained from SVN.

The current version of the VServer Control Daemon is: SVN trunk script

Useful for debugging linux-vserver problems.

Ancient vserver tools

Although not used much anymore the old tools by Jacques Gelinas are said to still work on current kernels.

The current version of the vserver tools is: 0.40

Guest images

Below is a list of third-party archives for VPS images

Chroot repositories

A collection of chroot trees suitable to bootstrap a vserver or to use with chroot

3rd-party applications

A collection of applications that support Linux-Vservers

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